New ‘Triple Boost’ Bra…Best Thing Since The Wonderbra?

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It is the biggest development in lingerie since Eva Herzigova advertised the Wonderbra in the 90’s.  A new bra that increases a woman’s bust by three cup sizes is set to be this year’s best seller.  All you ladies, who depend on the chicken cutlet inserts, can thrown them out…Click below to see how the new bra works.

Patricia Dean

The British-designed £22 ($36) Triple Boost Bra is promising to give every woman a voluptuous look without submitting to the surgeon’s knife.  The bra was three years in the making and uses three types of padding. Varying densities of polyester deftly manipulate a woman’s breasts and create the perfect decolletage.

How the Triple Boost bra works

Sharon Webb, head of lingerie at Debenhams, whose team designed the Triple Boost, believes that the new bra is unique.  She said,

‘It wasn’t as simple as putting extra padding into an ordinary bra or revamping a double-cup boost bra.  We had to get the materials and the padding just right, or it wouldn’t look natural.’

Fashion commentator Karen Kay believes there has not been so much interest in a new bra since the iconic 1994 Wonderbra advertisement.  She said,

‘There is definitely a demand for this type of bra. Even girls in their late teens are desperate for that cantilevered shape with a tiny waist and full breasts. It will also be popular with women who have had children and need more support, £22 is an impressive price if it fulfills all these dreams.’


Model Louise Dainton (see top pictures) tested the Triple Boost for herself and said,

‘It definitely took me up at least two cup sizes.  I’m normally a 34B but this made me a 34D. I’ve tried other padded bras, gel bras and “chicken fillet” silicone breast enhancers and this is better than all of them.’

Source: DailyMail


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