(PHOTOS) NASCAR Beauty Paige Duke FIRED For Sexting!!!

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Miss Duke, should have just kept her shorts on. Model and part time animal nurse Paige Duke, has been fired as one of NASCAR’s three ‘Sprint Cup Girls’ after nude pictures of her emerged on the internet. Another one falls victim to the sexting plague. This case does not seem fair at all. Click below for the details and the explicit photos that got her in trouble.

Patricia Dean

Miss Duke, who travelled the country as one of the sport’s roving reporters, was fired because the graphic shots broke mobile phone operator and sponsor Sprint’s ‘morality code’. 

The pictures of an 18-year-old Miss Duke were taken at college and sent to an ex-boyfriend. 

Speaking to Fox news, a devastated Miss Duke said:

‘I did not intend for anybody to see these and now I’m exploited. This is the most embarrassing thing that could have ever happened to me. I lost my job, the best job I could have ever asked for, it was perfect for me.

Miss Duke says the pictures – which show her fully nude in a number of compromising positions – were taken in her dorm room at Clemson University. 

Model behaviour: Miss Duke said she has not spoken to the ex-boyfriend who she says was the only one who had the photos

She added:

‘We’re still investigating how these pictures got out there.  All we know is they came from his computer, he’s the only person I sent them to. I just want to set the record straight, I’m going to own up to my mistakes. It’s something I did, I’ve cried enough tears over it, I’m tired of crying, I’m tired of hiding from everybody.’

Click HERE For Her UNCENSORED Nude Photos

Source: DailyMail

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  2. Why is everyone sucking Paige’s butt??? She is a very beautiful girl, and seems very nice but SHE is the one who got naked and took the pics. If you don’t want pics of that kind to be exposed, then you do not do them. Many women have enough respect for themselves to not even go there. She made her bed, she has to lie in it.

  3. shame on you, mrskailuakona….you think you are perfect…..I don’t thinks so….
    Nascar should apologize to Paige…………..what she did was a big mistake…..people make mistakes when they are young……her ex-boyfriend is an ass hole and I hope that he pays for the damage he has done…..it will fall on his kids……He’s a BASTARD.

  4. Please grow up Paige! You deserve to be f-i-r-e-d big time! Before being hired you must read I repeat r e a d the contract the fine print. If it says anything about a moral code etc. don’t take the job if you sexted someone an ex maybe. Maybe next time you won’t sext otherwise it will go viral. Lesson learned playmate want-to-be. Try calling Playboy maybe Hugh will find you your next job. Boo hoo wipe away your crocodile tears sweetie we ain’t buying it!

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  11. BTW, Patti. “when one door closes another opes” is the WORLDS dumbest Cliche’. You sound like a complete IDIOT saying that. Think any Doors are gonna open for Casey Anthony? You certainly don’t sound like a Guru you sound like a cliche’ slingin’ fool!!

  12. Ok, yeah it sucks that Sprint fired her over something that happened a lifetime ago and really not that big of a deal anymore (in today’s world thanks to girls like Lohan, Hudgens, Lively, etc.) But whoever said Sprint was cool or in touch with today’s world?

    Consider this though, perhaps this was not some accidental or unknown “leak” of the Paige Duke pics. Does Vanessa Hudgens scandal ring a bell here? There was alot of talk that Vanessa staged the leak of her pictures to gain extra buzz, celebrity and “increased” brand awareness (they say any publicity or buzz is good publicity because it gets people talking about you) All that translates in to more money in the long run.

    And to Sprint, really who is complaining here? She is a really hot chick – see the JLA Watercooler for the full uncensored set if you don’t believe me.

    All this will do is just bring some extra buzz to what she was doing for Sprint. And now since they fired her, they still get the buzz but better yet, so does Paige. Maybe that is the way it was all planned to begin with? Just maybe……….

    • I totally agree Bobby. I’m sure she find something else. When one door closes, another opens.

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