(PHOTOS) Christina Aguilera Has Private Naked Photos Leaked

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So there are rumors circulating once again that some nude pictures of Christina Aguilera have hit the net and are in the process of being sold. YIKES! Over here at MDLS, we believe that what you do in your private time should be kept private aka NOT up for public discussion!

Click below for the leaked (NSFW) photos of Christina Aguilera:

Christina Aguilera leaked 1

Christina Aguilera leaked 2

Christina Aguilera leaked 3

Christina Aguilera leaked 4

Christina Aguilera leaked 5


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  1. I understand feeling violated when one’s privacy is being breached as is apparently the case with these pictures having been stolen and then leaked for public consumption, something they weren’t meant for.

    When it comes to the picture themselves, in this man’s humble opinion, Ms. Aguilera has nothing to worry about, she looks sexy, sensual and beautiful in them. If these were worries based on esthetics only, then she needn’t have had any!

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