Hilarious: When Auto-Correct Strikes


If you have a cell phone, then mostly likely you’ve fallen victim to an auto-correct mistake. Take a look at these funny texts from, damnyouautocorrect.com, that are sure to make you laugh…

FOR MEN ONLY: Sexy Redhead Strips Down To Her Birthday Suit

mai emerald

Take a look at 18-year-old Mai Emerald as she takes it all off and flaunts her goods for the camera…

NSFW: Video Model Deelishis Has Nudes LEAKED! (PHOTOS)

deelishis leaked pics

Looks like Deelishis, the popular Instagram model, or stripper, or whatever she is, had her naked pics leaked by the man she sexted them to!  She later responded on Instagram, admitting it was her.   I don’t know how we let these pass us by…

FOR MEN ONLY: Battle Of The Boobs, Who Has The Better Pair?


Let’s take a look at Kym Graham and Rosie Jones as they shed their tops and pose for the camera.  This is a hard choice, but whose boobs are better?

Walmart Shoppers…What Were They Thinking? (PHOTOS)


If you’ve ever been to PeopleOfWalmart.com, then you know what I mean when I say these funny pics aren’t as funny as they are sad.